Exhaustion or drowsy driving puts drivers in jeopardy, which affects their awareness while driving on the road. Plus it weakens their ability to react in the times of danger and changing road conditions. This is the reason why Ford engineers developed Driver Assist Technology. It’s designed for drivers to give them hint/forewarning that they’re exhausted from driving and needs a quick break to recharge themselves.

Ford Driver Assist technology

Never ever drive tired! Pull off the road immediately and take some rest.

Drivers are especially at risk when driving on long tedious roads. Other reasons may include driving home after work, particularly after the night shift; driving after eating a heavy meal; driving after taking medicine that causes drowsiness or driving without completing appropriate sleeping hours. Often drivers aren’t able to spot the signs before it is too late, so driving fatigued is all the more unsafe. Even the most accomplished and expert drivers are vulnerable to driver fatigue.

There is more than one symptom to know that driver is tired, which include missing road signs, irritability, unable to recollect the previous few kilometres of the drive, confused thoughts, closing eyes even for a second, yawning and uncontrollable blinking.

To assist control exhaustion, make sure that you take enough sleep before taking long road trips, drink water for the length of your ride, take adequate rest stops and eat light snacks only avoiding fatty or sugary treats and share driving responsibilities with the other drivers. If you feel that you can’t stay awake and alert adequately to carry on with the driving, you could even take 30 or 40 minutes power nap to refresh yourself.

When you notice the orange message, just pull over and take some rest, switch drivers if possible and get a cup of coffee. In case, you’ve missed those forewarnings and get a flashing red coffee cup, it’s now time for a lengthy break, which is for your own safety as well as for the safety of those around you.

Ford’s Lane-Keeping System Assists Drivers

Indeed, there’s no alternative for getting the desired hours of sleep before driving a vehicle. Nonetheless, the latest Ford tech assists drivers by warning them when it notices a calm period in the driver’s alertness level. Ford’s lane-keeping system with driver alert system is available all over the line-up and is programmed to alert drivers when their vehicles wander from the desired lane.

Lane-Keeping Alert observes the vehicle when it leans too intimately to the lane markers and sends out a vibe via the steering wheel imitating a rumble strip. Lane-Keeping Assist delivers brief torque to the steering wheel, guiding wayward vehicles from back to the centre of the lane.

Additionally, driver alert system is included in the lane-keeping system. When the vehicle is moving, a dashboard-mounted camera spots lane markings, identifies the road ahead and estimates where the vehicle should be placed, sending out a forewarning in two phases if the system observes unplanned swaying between lanes.

  1. The first stage comprises of orange text on the instrument panel and an accompanying chime.
  2. If the system continues to detect driver negligence, a second phase starts with a determined control panel warning “A Red Coffee Cup” icon that must be manually switched off.

If the driver fails to recognise all the warnings, the system can only be reset after halting the vehicle and opening the driver’s side door, which indicates that the driver is taking a break from the road and driving or a new driver is taking control.

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