Spring is here after the tough winter days, and it’s time to give your car the essential care it requires and make it ready for the coming warmer months. Well, every spring you need to deal with certain regular maintenance for your car so that it remains in a top condition rendering excellent performance thereby retaining its life and value. We’ll walk you through these 5 spring car maintenance essentials.

1. Check Fluid Levels

After serving you through the cooler winter days, your car needs care, so it’s vital to check the fluid levels of your vehicle to make it ready for spring and warmer summer days ahead. Check the level of coolant, windshield washer fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and antifreeze and top up all of these as required.

2. Check Plugs, Wires & Batteries

Plugs and wires of your vehicle are essential parts that take most of the beating during the cooler winter months and it’s critical to check no wires are frayed or on the edge of disconnection, as they are essential to keeping your car running in excellent condition. Check batteries of your vehicle and if any of them are over 3 years old, then have them tested to make sure they have a sufficient amount of juice to function efficiently.

3. Wheel Alignment & Suspension

Cold weather can take a toll on your car’s wheel alignment and suspension, thus, it’s very important maintenance issues that you should get it checked during springtime. For this, you’ll need taking your car to an authorised service centre for they will have the latest equipment and tools to diagnose and realign everything and make your car spring ready. You can schedule an appointment for your car’s service and maintenance here, at Brad Garlick Ford in Sydney.

4. Belts & Hoses

Belts and hoses that make your car’s engine operate seamlessly can take a beating during the cooler months that just passed by. Make sure they are in excellent condition because the warmer months ahead will also put a strain on the belts, thus, it’s critical to check them to make sure they aren’t weak or developing cracks. Replace them altogether if they’re over 5 years old.

5. Check Tyre Pressure

Change in the temperatures can impact the vehicle tyre to lose pressure; therefore, it’s vital to make sure checking the levels and inflating your car’s tyres to the recommended tyre pressure. Besides, check your car’s tyre treads and decide whether your car’s tyres need replacement brand new tyres or not.

Final Words

These are essential car maintenance for spring; however, there exist other car maintenance tips as well.

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