Connect with your world.

New_Fiesta_1Driving, phones and music players don’t exactly go hand-in-hand.
But SYNC™ makes it easier to keep your hands safely on the wheel and still use your favourite things. Just say a few simple words.


Stylish new look

New_Fiesta_2You care about how good your car looks.
And Fiesta is a car designed to reflect you and your style.


Knees need airbags too

New_Fiesta_4You don’t want to use your airbags but it’s good to know they’re there.
The new Fiesta surrounds you with seven airbags.
There’s even one for the driver’s knees


Drive and save

New_Fiesta_3Like to spend your money on things other than fuel?
EcoBoost engines give you impressive fuel economy.
Yet they still deliver on power.

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