Introducing the urban SUV

Ecosport_thumbs_2Handle tight corners and spaces with all the dexterity of a small car. Take on the open road from the high vantage point its SUV-like 200mm ground clearance offers. In the EcoSport, anything goes.

Like nothing else

It’s height, strength and durability say SUV. Its aerodynamic design, unbelievably good fuel economy and comfort say urban car. Either way, there’s nothing else like it.

SUV ‘roadability’

Ecosport_thumbs_2With more space between you and the road, the way ahead is always clear. Take speed humps and puddles in your stride. Discover more than you ever thought possible.

Smart Safety

The EcoSport’s advanced body design hides built-in safety features, while smart technologies help to keep you in control.

Room to move

There’s no room for boredom. Just plenty of room for friends, fun and all the bits and pieces that go with it.

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