So you’ve fallen in love with the special new Ford car you saw, maybe in the newspaper, YouTube or online. Buying a new car is an exciting adventure and as Sydney’s award-winning Ford cars dealers, we list down top 5 tips to avoid common mistakes and save much-needed cash this New Year.

New Ford Focus

5 Tips for Buying A New Car

Tip # 1 Know what you want

Do you need a large SUV like a Ford Endura or even a Ford Focus Active for a growing family or rather to prefer a compact SUV like Ford EcoSport or even Ford Ranger Raptor for your frequent weekend expeditions?

You must exactly know what you are getting into so that you make the right choice. Do you want to buy a car that offers you all, high performance, fuel efficiency and is affordable too? Purchasing a new car doesn’t always makes sense. As one of the leading Ford dealers NSW, we at Brad Garlick Ford offer a wide range of second-hand cars from various makes such as Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc. to choose the precise make and model of your liking.

Tip # 2 Knowledge is power

The secret to buying a great car is all about research, research and research! Knowing what you want and sticking to a budget is important to avoid the buyer’s remorse.

Researching your car on online resources like YouTube, Quora, Reddit is a great idea, however, nothing matches the face to face interaction with your trusted Ford representative at your nearest Ford cars dealers in Sydney. They are knowledgeable, updated and well-trained to answer all your queries.

Tip # 3 Keep a flexible budget with a maximum limit

When buying a new car, the list price is only the starting point, you also need to factor the optional packages, insurance expenses and more. You should always have a flexible budget but a maximum price to make sure that you can afford the ongoing costs.

You may want to own the latest Ford Focus Active but realise that the cost of owning it may go beyond your budget. Instead, owning a more practical used car may, in fact, better suits your needs and makes for a more compelling value proposition.

New Ford Car

Tip # 4 Explore dealership loans

Do you plan to opt for car finance or pay cash? How do you get the best finance deals for your new car?
Explore the options in dealership loans and car loans to save money and select the one best for you.

This further emphasises the importance of knowledgeable car experts you can trust. At Brad Garlick Ford dealers, we are focused on helping you drive away in one of our prize-winning models. Whether you are a private purchaser or choosing Ford for your fleet business, our car finance specialists guide you through finance and lease products to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Tip # 5 Take the car for a long test drive

Buying a car is a big and long-term investment. Would you choose a life-partner after just five minutes of speed dating? You certainly shouldn’t decide to buy a car based on a 2-min sales pitch or a 5-min test drive! You’d certainly don’t want to be stuck with a car which you might regret later. Test driving a new car is as important as test driving a used car.

To get the most of the test drive, take it for a drive around surrounding streets, traffic and corners and spend roughly 30 minutes to get a complete feel of the car. At Brad Garlick Ford, we make it super easy and hassle-free for your customers to book a test drive, whenever they want to help them make a more informed choice.

Buy Ford Car from award-winning Ford dealers

Here at Brad Garlick Ford, we’re proud to be your local Ford dealer in Sydney. We are a Ford Performance vehicle specialist and have won awards for customer service and have been Ford dealer of the year.

We carry an excellent range of new and used ford cars for sale at unbelievable deals so you experience the best that Ford has to offer today.

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