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crystalfusion-image1It is a product that is applied to the windscreen, toughens the glass, chemical fusion, makes greater surface tension – sheds water.

JUST $295 and Includes 4 refresh applications once every 6 months.

What Crystal Fusion™ Does for your Windshield

What is the nature of glass?
When we think of glass, we think of a surface that’s perfectly smooth, clear and transparent. But at the molecular level, glass is grainy, with microscopic peaks and craters that catch light and collect tiny particles. Not only does water “stick” to this irregular plane, but debris also smacks against it with significant friction, and can inflict serious damage.

Crystal Fusion shields glass in three smart steps

More than just a coating that can peel and blister over time, Crystal Fusion molecularly fuses with glass to form a hydrophobic barrier. It enhances visibility in bad weather and strengthens the automotive glass surface. As a result, water beads up and rolls away, and small road debris ricochets off.

Crystal Fusion technology makes your daily driving experience feel smooth, natural and easy!

The advantages of Crystal Fusion technology are perfectly clear…


  • Improves clarity and visibility to extend driver reaction time
  • Deflects small road debris to reduce damage to glass
  • Significantly reduces Night Glare
  • Allows insects to be easily washed away
  • Makes ice and snow much easier to remove
  • Protects against acid rain, corrosion and mineral buildup

Improved protection. Proven results™.
Drive with confidence, knowing your visibility and reaction time is the best that it can be. Trust your windshield to the chemical protection that not only repels water, but resists chips and cracks. Backed by the best warranty options in the business.

Watch the video below for more information

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