The Ford Puma has been reinvented on a stylish and classy SUV with a smart cabin, a snappy chassis and to a certain extent questionable looks. Nonetheless, Puma is a competent rival for Ford in the elite B-category SUV, which is designed for the city conditions and replaces the somewhat dull EcoSport. Undoubtedly, it will be a clever addition to the existing Ford’s line up and Puma will be making a debut by this year-end in Australia.


Puma’s Resurgence

The previous Ford Puma was a modest car that was made on the underpinning of the Fiesta and loaded by comparatively humble engines, which was sold in Europe between 1997 and 2001 (roughly 4 years), but it succeeded in creating a rationally faithful fan-following within that short period.

Well, the Ford Puma has been revived for a more promising second-innings. This time too, the Puma has been based on the foundations of the latest Fiesta. It will soon arrive in Australia in ST hot hatch variant only, and once again it’s compact and classy, but a more spacious car – the SUV crossover to be precise.

Ford Puma Coming in 2020


The Latest 2020 Ford Puma

The 2020 Ford Puma is based on the new Fiesta, will be replacing the Indian-crafted Ford EcoSport. It will be very different from the original Puma, as this will be a global car that will be marketed and sold not only in Australia but in all the major markets of the world.

The styling is great indeed, and you can spot the high set headlights and that bubble-shaped roof that’s pure Puma out of the 90s and overall is good looking SUV car. Yes, you might hate Ford for making an SUV but you can’t blame them for making a car that will sell like hotcakes. Underneath the controversial body, it’s all very ordinary though because the Puma is based on the Fiesta, so what we’ve got here is a controversial looking car with a famous nameplate and it’s based on the humdrum Ford Fiesta.

Available: Late 2020
Engine: 1.0-litre 3-cylinder turbo-petrol with mild-hybrid tech
Output: 115kW/240Nm (Sport mode)
Transmission: 6-speed manual (Seven-speed auto to come)
Fuel : 5.6L/100km (NEDC)

It’s Based on the Fiesta

There’s nothing wrong with being based on the Fiesta because as we well know the Fiesta is the finest handling supermini money can buy. After all, if you drove this car blindfold, eight people out of ten would say you’re driving a Fiesta. You still get the super sharp or well-weighted steering; you still get this chassis that is just keen to turn in.

Ford Puma Fun Drive

It’s Fun to Drive

The way that they’re able to engineer so much fluidity and excitement into what is, let’s face it a pretty humdrum platform and the humdrum package seems to be working. Puma is way more fun to drive and not particularly hard, because the typical cars in this class aren’t particularly sporty to drive – well, to be honest, Puma lives up to its name.


What’s On The Inside?

- Now that Fiesta feeling carries on in the inside as well because it’s pretty much the same interior that you find in the supermini albeit the dashboard is a little bit taller because of course, the Puma is a bit of a taller car.

- We get zip-able seat covers as well so if you spill something on them you can easily wash them.

- You get massaging front seats as well and there’s a new display in front of you – it’s a digital cockpit and in time we’ll see that added to the Fiesta as well.

- And other things where there’s a drive mode selector, so you can choose between Normal, Eco Sport and a Trail mode as well.

Wireless Charging Pad in Ford Puma

- We’ve got a wireless charging pad down there.

- At the back, despite that sloping roofline and the panoramic sunroof of this car, the headroom is still quite decent and comfortable.

- Knee room is particularly good as well. Although you don’t get the sliding rear seat, it’s a pretty decent amount of space bundled back in there.

- The main thing about this car is to be found in the boot. Lift the tailgate and the boot seems pretty normal and standard for this type of a car. There’s a moveable boot floor but surprise lurks underneath – there’s extra storage but not any normal extra storage. Ford calls it a Mega Box – it’s an 80-litre compartment that can hold everything from shopping to wetsuits. There’s even a drainage hole in the bottom, so the Mega Box can be washed out. It’s so large you can even carry a set of golf clubs upright in the boot.


The Bottom Line

The boot makes the Puma rather clever and the Fiesta underpinnings make the Puma way more fun to drive. Overall, it seems a good value offering; however, pricing is yet to be confirmed for the Aussie market.

Some people will never be able to get over the decision to call an SUV a Puma, but this car isn’t intended for purists instead, it’s for families who want more space, more of boot space to accommodate all of their stuff whether they’re shopping or going on a weekend holiday outing.

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