It’s imperative to check a list of items to ensure you’re not getting a lemon when you’re out to buy a used car. At the same time, ensure you’re not paying too much for a car that’s not worth it.

Brad Garlick Ford’s used car specialists have compiled a list of some of their top recommendations/ checklist for buying a used car. Discover how you can avoid buying a second-hand car that you’ll regret.

Book A Test Drive

Test Drive the Car – It’s Vital

It’s recommended to take the car you’re thinking to purchase for a test drive, especially on serene roads. It’s important to invest your valuable time so that you can get a clear and complete picture prior to the pricey purchase.

  • It’s crucial to observe car’s engine operates well on different speed levels, both on the flat and hills, and that gear shifts smoothly too.
  • Pay attention to mechanical noises that you aren’t familiar with – even a gentle clatter is a cause for care and inspect the brakes to ensure they’re steady and don’t make the car pull to one side.
  • Besides, other factors that are crucial to inspect during a car’s test drive are its temperature all through the drive, whether smoke emerges of the exhaust at all, overall and rear visibility and the amount of play that the steering wheel possesses – if it’s over 5-centimetres, there may be a problem.

Safety – For It Matters

  • It is a crucial move to go through the overall safety level of the car even before you decide to look at the car.
  • Safety information is available online for every single make, model and year of manufacture so you’ll be able to find out whether the car you’re contemplating has safety features such as airbags, stability control and ABS.
  • Once you get a chance to actually look at the car, you can look for other factors that will affect safety such as inspecting the tyre tread and ensuring that they’re equally exhausted as uneven wear can point to a suspension or steering problem.
  • Moreover, inspect under the bonnet to ensure there’s no rust or oil leakage all through the battery, coolant and radiator cooling fans.

Maintenance Costs, Fuel Economy & Insurance – What It Takes To Maintain

  • Not only it’s imperative to look at the price that how much you’ll be shelling out towards buying a used car but also there are other elements that will control how much you end up paying over the course of possessing and driving the car. So you ought to check:
  • Verify the estimated annual fuel costs for the car online, and remember real world intake is usually up to 20 to 25% higher than the factory testing levels.
  • Also, check the service frequency for the car whether it is 6 monthly or a year, as it could make a big disparity in overall costs.
  • Moreover, obtaining insurance quotes for any car prior to buying is also a good idea that will aid you to get a better understanding of the overall costs that your car will be acquiring over the year.

The Bottom Line

Well, Ford dealers having repute will generally never purchase problem vehicles because they will definitely not want their customers to be disappointed or unhappy. Dealers precisely know all about the vehicle they are selling, so ask them if the second-hand car that you’re planning to buy has any problems small or big so that you can better decide. It is also not in the dealers’ interest to sell you something that may give you problems later on.

If you want to buy used Ford cars for sale in Sydney, then Brad Garlick Ford is the place you need to explore, as we have a decent collection of modern second-hand Ford cars for sale that is in good condition, providing good overall performance and at cheap prices.

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